My friend lives in a house and doesn't need jumpering to connect their ADSL internet - how come?

In a house, the builder connects all the phone/internet outlets to a box called a network boundary. The internet/phone provider connects to the same box. There is no Main Distribution Frame and therefore no gap that needs to be "jumped". Connecting to a house is much easier than to an apartment, unit or townhouse.

My friend moved into an apartment and didn't have to get any jumpering done - How come?

You won't believe this but we reckon it's more blind good luck than anything! They may be connected to the same ISP as previous tenant's service and the Internet provider may have just changed the name on the account. Or its still in the old tenants name and hasn't been disconnected yet as they have changed providers or forgot to them that they have moved. Once that is discovered they will be disconnected and then will be up for a jumpering job to connect them to the correct service line.

Why do I need to pay for a ADSL jumpering job - shouldn't it be part of the connection fee?

The Internet provider is responsible to the "A side" of the Main Distribution Frame. The Building Body Corporate to the "B side". The gap in the middle is the personal responsibility of the owner of the connection - unfortunately, that would be you!

Can anybody do the jumpering?

No, it must be someone with an ACMA licence. This is a legal Government requirement. In order to work on an MDF you need to be in possession of a current Australian Communications & Media Authority licence.

Can my neighbourhood electrician do this jumpering job?

Yes - if he holds this licence! The fines for mucking around with equipment like this can be quite scary and if you disconnect or upset other people's services you can be quite sure they will notice!

How long will a jumpering job take?

Generally it takes from 30 to 45 minutes - when all the stars align. It can take an hour and a half if your building is old and the wiring isn't good, the MDF is locked and the building manager can't be found or there are other unseen problems. The technician will explain any issues and let you know what's happening as he goes along. You won't be up for any surprise bills from us.

Do I have to be home to have the jumpering job done?

Yes - the tech needs to plug equipment into the your modem socket in your apartment and then go to the MDF to do the actual jumpering. Afterwards he needs to check that the modem goes online and that you are connected to the net. The person at home needs to be over 18 and stay in the unit while the technician is in attendance.


What else can go wrong?

Sometimes the jumpering is done but the our technician got to the MDF before your internet provider connected the service to your MDF. Our Tech will "tag" the line and when the internet provider's technician arrives he will be able to connect it immediately and you will be online as soon as this happens.

Sometimes the service is connected and the jumpering is done but there are wiring faults between the MDF and your apartment - these ones are for your Body Corporate to address.

Sometimes everything goes well and the technician can get on line with the test equipment but your modem is dead or not working. The technician will be able to "prove" internet connection but will not be able to provide you with a modem - that one is between you and your internet provider if they supply the modem as part of the package, or maybe you will have to purchase a new modem.

 Do I need my building Manager to access the MDF?

Sometimes we do and sometimes we don't.... Not an easy one to answer. Some MDFs are locked up and only accessible with the building manager's and/or a key. Some are unlocked and easily accessible by anyone.

If you live within an apartment, unit or complex and have an onsite manager, check with them before we arrive to find out where your MDF is. If you let them know when we expect to attend your property to get your service up and running, this will minimize any delay should there be any access issues to your MDF location within your building.

We don't always require a building manager, however it is common courtesy to let them know that jumpering is being done and we highly recommended should you talk to them if our attendance is outside of business hours, especially if we need a key to access the MDF.

What's the difference between ADSL lines and cable connections and how do I know what I've got?

Cable is connected to a circular socket similar to a TV socket directly into the modem from a black wire installed by your Internet provider.
ADSL is delivered over your telephone lines and connects to one of the old yellow three pin plugs or the new RJ squeezy see-through squarish plugs in the wall.

Cable will be installed by your service provider all the way to your modem and doesn't go though the MDF at all. The ADSL line always goes through the phone line and if you live in a complex or high rise, it will go through the MDF and will probably need jumpering.

Please contact us for a chat if this hasn't answered your questions or you are unsure about anything at all. We are happy to help!