Internet MDF Jumpering - whats that??

Have you just moved into an apartment and tried to get your ADSL internet connected and now your internet provider is telling you that need to have a technician attend and pay more money??
Then we are the people for you!

When you move into an apartment there is often an extra step to getting your ADSL internet connected. Its called jumpering and its the step that isn't covered by the Internet Provider or your body corporate - just one of the "joys" of living in an apartment, town house or unit.

It may seem like they are doing this just to get more money from you but it is a legitimate step in getting internet connected in these building environments.

What happens is that the main phone and internet lines come into your building and end at a "Main Distribution Frame" on the "A side". You will hear this called the MDF by your internet provider.

When the complex is built, the builder connects each unit's phone and internet line to the "B side" MDF but there is a gap - the builder does not know which unit owner will be connected to which Phone or Internet provider so he cannot "jump" the wire over the gap and connect you to the main line out.

So, you are connected to the MDF from your apartment and your Internet Provider says they have connected you to the MDF on the "A side" but you still have no internet!?

This gap is the "no mans land" in the phone/internet world and is the problem when you are connecting a new connection in a multiple dwelling building. The Telecommunication company is only responsible for the connection TO the MDF "A side" and your body corporate is only responsible for wring from your unit TO the "B side" side of the same frame. You become the person responsible for getting the connection made across that two inch gap...

For larger apartment complexes and commercial buildings with numerous floors, there often intermediary Distribution Frames (IDPs) and sometimes a Final Distribution Point (FDP) that services may need to be jumpered through before service reaches your unit.

And that where we come in. We can help you sort out what kind of jumpering you need when you call us!

Gold Coast Phone Tech specialises in this small ADSL jumpering job and can offer same or next day service in most instances.

If your internet provider is telling you that you need ADSL jumpering done then you can use their technician, or you can call us to see if we can help you!

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